Hey guys! The comic is back, and will be updating every wednesday for the foreseeable future. 

That’s the short version! The long version is that I’m very sorry to have been gone so long. Life got busy, I got a job, moved, and continued to deal with lockdown and covid etc. etc. I’m sure everyone will understand that things have been crazy and turbulent, but this comic stopping and starting has been a relatively common occurrence, so I’m sure if you’re still around you’re okay with that.

The first thing that many of you will notice is that This page has a significantly different look to the last page. Though it’s an admittedly strange choice to make mid-chapter, the reasoning is that I’ve switched to making pages digitally due to a lack of space and time. I loved inking comics traditionally but if I stuck to that this story would never finish being told, so I hope you can all understand this change. Since inking digitally lacks as much depth and control as inking traditionally, I’ve also opted to add light greyscale! I hope everyone’s okay with this look. Changing the entire art style of the comic might understandably put some people off, but I hope the people who stick around will enjoy! As we head into this scary new year I’m excited to be writing and drawing again, and I hope a page every Wednesday can be a small comfort to somebody in this time where many small comforts are missing.

I’ll see you next Wednesday for another new page!