End of chapter 3.

Drawing panel 4 broke my heart. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, Cheesy fantasy comic is going on a looong break. Doing pages every day is hard hard work, and with school and stuff I just can’t keep up. I have my exams in two weeks, so I’ll be on break at least until then. After that I’m going to take some time to get ahead, and build up a buffer. I should be back in about 3 weeks, and then I should be all set to make chapter 4 a good one. I’ll post the little end of chapter drawing tomorrow, and then after that I hope you guys will come back for more after the break. I’ll post updates about the comic (and about when it’s coming back) on my art blog @camsdumbdailydrawings , and at my Instagram , @splarflord! Make sure to follow at least one of those for updates! See ya later folks!