Hello friends, I’ve gotten some very positive feedback on these past few pages, and it really means a lot!!! I’ve been happy with these ones too! Those of you who reply or reblog with tags on tumblr, I don’t really know how to respond to those, but it makes my day every time!!!

Anyways, Moving on to a slightly less good topic, speaking of tumblr, tumblr has pretty much ruined this website beyond repair. I hope they can fix this soon, but the sites been totally broken for a couple days now. The comics pages are all reversed, and it really doesn’t work for trying to read it in order. I’m looking into some other alternatives (but they’re all so darn expesiveee), so until then just bear with me folks!!! If I can figure it out, It’ll mean a site change with over 160 pages being transferred over, so lets just hope tumblr figures itself out, or else this comic’s in for a bumpy ride!