194What a happy page! This was a joy to draw!
Cheesy Fantasy’s first birthday is tomorrow!!! I’ve been thinking about when I started, and drawing this page it struck me that Gordon was supposed to be the antagonist originally! During chapter 3 he would figure out Bingo and Annabelle were after the orb, and he would leave. Despite being a super nice guy, he put his wife and the orb over all else, and that was going to end up being a huge part of the story! It wasn’t until about half way through chapter 3 that I realized it wasn’t gonna happen, The character I had was too nice, and he ended up bonding too well with the kids, so his story became one about selflessness instead, which is much funner to write! Before chapter 4 I took some time off to reeeally figure out the story and replan everything, and I gotta say I’m so happy Gordon was too nice, I like this big-scale story wayyy more! Anyways, hopefully tomorrow I can do some kind of birthday thing, I do work though, so maybe not. We’ll see!