Sorry I missed yesterdays update, but I actually have a good reason this time:

My online shop for comics is finally open! 

That’s right, you can buy my comics now in a wonderful printed format! There’s a couple old ones on there (the colour of grey, and HUNT), but the one you readers will be most interested in: The print exclusive chapter of Cheesy Fantasy! Ever since I finished it in may, lots of readers have asked when they could buy it online (which was very flattering!), and now you finally can! For those of you who didn’t know about it before, it’s a print only chapter that has never seen the surface till now aside from at VanCAF, the chapter takes place between chapters 6 and 7, chronicling the short and easy journey to the fateful town of alarica! Bingo and Annabelle get lost, and Grimmick tries to convince his mother to raise the stakes. I’ll also be throwing in some original art in each order, so if you have a fav character from the comic, put that in the ‘Buyers notes’ section. You can find that book RIGHT HERE. Thanks so much for sticking with this comic to the point where I can do stuff like that! See you in two days for another comic!