WE’RE BACK! I apologize all the time but that’s not gonna stop me from doing it again, I’m SO SORRY for that huuuge unannounced break, It was a whole bunch of factors that led me to be waay too busy and waay too stressed to work on this thing. One of the biggest things was that I’m around half way through the story now, which is pretty paralizing. I’ve spent the last 300 page setting up so many important things, and writing the payoff I’ve been planning for almost two years now is sooo scary. I haven’t told anyone ANYthing I have planned and it’s so stressful to hope it all pans out and people like it! The good news is, no more breaks or hiatuses, my plan is to have this whole thing done within a year, and with around 250-300 pages left there’s not really gonna be time for that! I’m excited to be more dedicated on finishing this, I hope you all stick around (and enjoy it!) See you in two days for a new page!