This is the 300th page of the comics main story so far, and it’s the comics second birthday! How crazy is that? Not to mention, it happens to be one of the few pages I’ve had planned since nearly the beginning! I can’t believe this comic is still going on, it’s grown so much bigger in the past two years than I ever could’ve imagined it being. It’s grown so special to me, and it’s become something I’m actually really proud of! I just wanted to say some of that stuff before we start getting closer to that final stretch. This is probably the last birthday this thing will have before it’s over, and that’s crazy! This is the first BIG thing I’ve actually followed through with. Thank you so much for reading it! If you didn’t see, I added a little two page prologue thing to the beginning of the story, to tie things together, and bookend this thing a little better. It’s actually a bit fitting, considering this page! See you all soon for another comic!