happy-birthdayHappy Birthday Cheesy Fantasy comic! I decided it’d be fun to redraw the first page a year later, to see the improvement! Of course this doesn’t show the improvement in layout and writing (I used to suck at that!) but this was still super fun! It’s been a year now since I started this comic, wow! It sure doesn’t feel like it, but I’ve improved a lot at drawing, and writing too! It’s hard to believe how much the story’s changed since I originally started it, It was supposed to be only about a hundred pages max, now were almost at 200, and only roughly half way through the story! I work tonight, but tomorrow I’ll go through some old sketchbooks from back when I was starting the comic over on Instagram!¬†Thanks so much to all the folks who’ve been reading over the past year, and all the people who started along the way! Here’s to another great year of ok comics to come!